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Venus Island Girl - Pinup Girls Of The Lost Islands.

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...As we neared the south shore of the Bluffs, I noticed an oddity that I will not soon forget. It was some type of watercraft, billowing steam into the overcast sunset, while a pair of paddle-wheels, as I can best describe them, that appeared to be like two quartets of long oars arranged around an axle on each side of the vessel, whirled behind, pushing the dark metal beast on a meandering course westward. A large steam furnace and metal platform in front of it were held aloft by a pair of long pontoons. I've seen many a ship in my days along the shores of the archipelago, but this was quite unique. A beastly thing, quite frankly, something that Her Eternal Radiance, or what ever the Empress calls herself these days, would probably ban from the Sea of Secrets on the spot, merely due to its frightful unsightliness...

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